Extraordinary Sensescapes:
The Sensual World of Late Medieval Nuns


new technology facilitating total-immersion virtual-reality reconstructions of Birgittine liturgy and architecture for scientific exploration, scholarly exchange and public engagement (more)


an international team of seasoned, mid-career, and emerging humanists, historians, scientists, engineers, designers, artists, and performers from 9 countries led by Corine Schleif and Volker Schier (meet the working group)


now (more)


in cyberspace, at Arizona State University, Uppsala University, Lund University, the Catholic University of Leuven, and the Alamire Foundation, at medieval women's monasteries (more)


a medieval women’s monastery provides a site to address questions now debated in several fields (more)

Rationale for Sensescapes:
(Re)Constructing the Sensorial Experiences of the Past
Using Multimedia Technologies of the Present

for whom?

scholarly communities and the broader public (more)


combining the multisensory, the transdisciplinary and the methodologically diverse (more)


in order to engage with the past − in order to engage the past with the present − in order to acquire new ways for exploring somatic and social complexities − in order to facilitate empathy among those occupying diverse positions − in order to overcome the hegemony and colonialism of language, especially modern written language (more)


by establishing experiential proximity or intimacy juxtaposed with analytic neutrality or objectivity − by treating the sciences, arts, and humanities as equal partners, devising the questions, the hypotheses and the methodologies − by enabling artists to perform in history, scientists and humanists to conduct "experiments" in history, and social scientists to undertake "field work" in history − by facilitating new research driven by new media (more)